How Benefit Cosmetics Stays Young


I’ve always been something of a light packer. As someone who’s an Aspiring Minimalist at home, I love the idea of only bringing what I absolutely need for a trip. In the weeks leading up to a vacation, I begin to pare down my beauty routine, carefully shop for pieces that serve multiple purposes, and create Pinterest boards of styles inspired by my destination. For our five-day trip to Copenhagen (we left Tuesday night!), Jonah and I pared our packing down even further—we only brought one carry-on for the flight there, including a foldable bag we plan to fill and bring on the flight back, so that we don’t have to check any bags but can still bring home souvenirs.

When packing for a trip, I start by pulling out my absolute favorite pieces and printing out our itinerary. I then cross-check my clothes by my plans and write down what I plan on wearing each day as I match additional basics to my plans. Because I don’t want to feel restricted, I always bring neutral items so I can mix-and-match if I want, and pack enough items so that I can make last-minute swaps depending on my mood—or if I spill coffee on my pants. See my full list below!

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