11 Fashion Week Secret Weapons That Will Make Anyone’s Life Less Hectic


any of you are probably headed home for Thanksgiving this week, which is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it’s Thanksgiving! That means no work, yummy food, and sweater weather. On the other hand, it’s Thanksgiving, a full day of awkward meals with your passive aggressive relatives. No matter your outlook, though, these 11 things happening in TV and movies this week will improve your holiday break. Suggest watching one of these films or Netflix shows as a way to bond with your family…or as an excuse to get away. The choice is yours.

It’s Joe Biden’s seventy-fifth birthday, and Barack Obama just celebrated it by creating his own version of those iconic Obama-Biden friendship memes. The former president of the United States uploaded a picture of himself to Twitter giving a televised speech while the former VP grins and points at the audience in the background with this stellar caption:

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